Dr. Deepak Shikarpur

Client:Dr. Deepak Shikarpur

Tasks: Concept, Design & Development, SEO friendly

TechnologiesHTML5/CSS3, PHP, Apache Servers
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Deepak Shikarpur IT Professional : Personal Website Design Portal


The platform where a person can reflect the package of talents is website. Dimakh consultants excel in the area for designing website and exactly replicating the idea of owning a website. Dimakh consultants developed a personal website for the IT evangelist Deepak Shikarpurkar. The main idea behind developing the website was to have web presence spread among people as Dr. Deepak Shikarpur focuses on helping people understand technology and benefiting from it.

The Solution

The team of Dimakh consultant analysed the requirement and came up with the best idea to design the website with simple and elegant theme. The cornerstone of the website was to typecast and classify the overall experience of Dr. Deepak Shikarpur . He is a writer, traveler, sports player and combo of many talents. The website is designed in such a way that showcases his talents and let people reach him with convenience.

Happy with the outcome of website. Good Going Dimakh Consultants...

Dr. Deepak Shikarpur

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