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Meher Retreat

Client: Meher Retreat

Tasks: Concept, Design & Development, Responsive

Technologies HTML5/ CSS3, JQuery Scripting
Services : website design and deployment
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Meher Retreat Website : Agri Tourism Portal


The Company has been a pioneer of promoting AGRO Tourism. Keeping this in mind it was a challenge for Dimakh Consultants to create a online brand for such a concept. Focusing on the list of facilities that the place had to offer, It was equally necessary to keep the website vibrant and updated.

The Solution

Using large size images the website allows a virtual glimpse of what the user will expect at the actual venue. Being youthful and trendy it was apparent to have the process of booking and getting connected with Meher Retreat very easy. We ensured having a sticky button "Book your visit now" so that the user is just a click away to Meher Retreat. The homepage gives quick glimpses of features, attractions and video information lead so that the user knows where specifically to navigate and can take a quick action call.

It was enjoyable and satisfying to work with team Dimakh Consultants!

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